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Mini air show and a cool ad campaign

Scrapbook seems to be working again now, so I'll have another go.

There's been a big ad campaign here for the Steven Spielberg series The Pacific about the war there, probably because it all happened fairly near us and a lot of our people were involved. It started with a very good facsimile of a real letter written home during WW2 by a US marine being mailed out (with permission). I scanned the letter and envelope in because I found it interesting and moving.
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The site's worth a look too (see link above). I voted for being in the Air Force and got 7/10 in the quiz. :-P

Then on Sunday (I'd have posted yesterday if LJ's Scrapbook had worked) they held a mock-up of a dogfight between two Kittyhawks and a Japanese fighter complete with anti-aircraft fire. We went down to Mission Bay to watch. There were so many people doing the same thing that we had to park about about a km away and walk. I have photos of this plus bonus traditional Fijian boats and an Art Deco house.

They were late starting so we sat on the seawall and admired two Fijian catamarans (vakas) out on the harbour.

I love the patterns on the sails.

These guys are probably part of a re-enactment group. I know there are several WW1 and WW2 ones because I've seen them in parades I've been involved in as a Roman re-enactor.

The crowd and two more of the Fijian vakas. You can see people lining Tamaki Drive, the road that winds right along the waterfront.

Action! Plane and anti-aircraft fire.

The flame from the batteries

A plane is hit!

Plane and the barrage. The explosions could be felt; they were very impressive.

The finale! I missed the bright flares themselves but I got the flame.

Then the ad for the series of course, towed by another plane.

After that we went down to look at the vakas. They had the most beautiful decorations on their hulls.

Another vaka. I chatted to the crew and they said they took seven days to get here from Fiji with 18 people on board.

A vaka leaves shore. They're apparently following old Pacific routes and I think will be in a documentary about the journey.

I took this photo on the way back to our car. I would love to live in that Art Deco house. I see that the ones either side up on the ridge also seem to be Deco. The one in front is a more usual contemporary style: stained wood.

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