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This week so far

This week was shaping up to be a bad one, but so far it's not been.

Potentially bad but so far OK

  • The water being cut for three hours on Tuesday. However we were warned and it was fine with a full electric jug, chilled water in the fridge, and the kitchen sink filled so I could wash my hands.
  • The library thinking I had a book out when I returned it a week ago. I was relieved when I went in (with another book I had to return) and they found it on the shelf. In future I shall watch them scan returns in as this is the second time it's happened.
  • My regular blood test this morning. I don't mind the actual test; it's the worry that the results will be worse.
  • Yet to come: the power being cut around noon today as they fit a "smart meter" which I assume phones home with readings. [checks] Yes, and it also gives them the ability to remotely disconnect and connect which doesn't sound as good. They also say that "they have been designed with a future of home automation and smart appliances in mind". This sounds good; as long as I don't have to come home to a crashed house or reboot the fridge.
Very good
  • Last night's Lost episode: enjoyable and intriguing.
  • The new Doctor and companion Amy, and the feeling of hope and happiness they give me. As others have said, it almost feels like old DW.
  • The weather: crisp, sunny, and autumnal. I hate winter but this is lovely and I'll enjoy it while I can.
  • I succeeded in building a website for a friend, using a trial version of Dreamweaver. I think I have the basics sussed, to the point that I have decided that the course tutor's methods aren't as good as the ones I'm now using after some experimentation. Now I just have to buy it.
Four in each list. I think an odd number looks so much better, but that's it.

[Edit] The meter replacement guy came right on 12 and only took 15 minutes to put the new meter in. I am impressed.
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