Nico (vilakins) wrote,


I had to bring the laptop back into town to post to b7rewatch, so here's another post from me. It's so annoying that this year we get a good strong hotspot connection where we're staying ("The Village", but in apartment number 16, not 6) but there's no route to LJ due to the problems in this country. [rolls eyes] It seems a lot of ISPs still haven't got alternate routing in place and I'm not sure when LJ/Limelight will ever bother to fix it because we're on the wrong side of the planet. :-( I shall answer comments to this or b7rewatch from email, which seems to work fine.

We just had a delicious lunch at the Cafe L'Arte which is in a garden full of amazing art including an entire outside living room made of bright mosaics. I took lots of photos. We plan to go back.

And, I forgot to post at the time, there were two Vila-related clues in the same crossword last week. I'm not sure if I remember them correctly, but:

1. Bistro goes around (6)
2. When rivers become salted (6)


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