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In Taupo

I am here! And on LJ which isn't a given because of the ongoing Optus connection problems; I can't see it at all from the hotspot at our apartment. However I have found another provider that works at the wonderful Middle Eastern cafe that does the best felafels I've had, well, since I was here last. I am sooo relieved as I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do the b7rewatch post tomorrow.

I was also a bit worried about all the stone chips under the car after the roadworks we had to (as always) drive through. The car was making odd noises underneath but that's fading as the chips drop out. :-P

It's just after 8 and we're waiting for our food. It was a 4-hour trip in all including a lunch stop, and on the way we saw a farmer's fence painted in huge white letters with: "Ken Eastwood owes me $300. I'm still waiting, Ken." :-)

So, the holiday has now started. Yay!

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