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Mixed bag

Bad: Our sole heatpump (aircon) has just broken down. There's a block in the pump and it's leaking. Fujitsu won't repair it and it's not covered under warranty so we'd have to pay unless we get the installer to do it for free. I've left a message on his phone. In the meantime I'm sitting in front of a fan on full while I dry off from the exertion of cleaning out the car and doing some packing in the heat and humidity (75%).

Good: we're going on holiday tomorrow for a week. Taupo is at a higher altitude and will be drier. Yay.

Bad: It's only a week and I will have to come back here. I will have to think of ways of not thinking about this.

Good: I just picked up four books from the library to take with me as well as the China Mieville I'm reading. That should be enough what with all the stuff we'll do there. I will pack the Book Seat anyway (we're driving so we can take things like Book Seats).

Bad: We take the cubs to the cattery tomorrow for their first time away from here. Woe.

Good: Even if we're coming home to sauna city, we'll be seeing them again. That's the best part of coming home again. :-)

[Edit] It may be 75% humidity outside, but our sensors say that's it's 100% in here due to all the water the heatpump put in the air; no wonder I was like limp spaghetti. Greg's looking at it now, and the installer is ringing us tonight.

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