Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Free Trade

I'm not sure if I should still cross-post these. Is there anyone who doesn't read b7friday and wants to see my entries anyway? If no-one replies, this'll be the last one appearing here.

This week's topic was Professional Women. My response is set pre-series, 200 words.

Free Trade

Jenna scrambled up the slope, loose stones giving way under her feet. There must be at least three hundred customs guards after them which seemed excessive, but then the importation of alcohol wasn't just illegal on Zolaf 4; it was against their religion. It was against Tarvin's too, but he regarded his as the only true one.

Jenna laughed briefly. "You're a hypocrite, Tarvin. But one with an eye to a good profit, and I like that in a man."

There was no answer. She stopped and looked back. The fool was struggling to climb in his ridiculous flowing robes and the guards were gaining on him, several close enough to shoot at him. Jenna thought fleetingly about getting away with a hundred percent of the profit but rejected the idea. Tarvin put a lot of business her way and besides, he was an amusing companion. She aimed carefully and blasted several rocks behind him, enough to start a fall which gathered momentum, carrying larger pieces and quite a few Zolavian customs employees with it.

Tarvin caught up, his grin brilliant against his tanned skin. "Thank you, Jenna. You saved my life."

"Yes. And I'll probably live to regret it."

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