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Well, crap

1. Due to Greg having too much work (ironic, isn't it, with me unemployed), we can only have one week's holiday. Maybe we'll take another near the end of April.

2. LiveJournal isn't working properly for me. It mostly loads unformatted / unstyled (and in some cases unreadable) and I can't see any icons. At least I can post this on Dreamwidth.

3. Ashley caught a bird as big as her head. Lucky it's rubbish bin night. She's also the Lizard Queen, bringing in several a day. I am getting really fed up with rescuing them and releasing them outside, probably only to be caught again. This isn't just a summer thing either. She catches them all year round. :-(

But, looking on the bright side, cancelling the first week of holiday means that we can go to the Kumeu wine and food festival, and somewhere different in April. Or whenever.

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