Nico (vilakins) wrote,

7 facts meme

Yes, it's another meme. I was tagged by bigdamnxenafan to:

List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.

  1. This meme also said that I had to tag 7 people, and not refuse to. I don't like tagging, and I don't take orders. I'd even think twice about an order to do something I'd otherwise do if asked nicely, though in this case I still wouldn't. Because I don't tag.

  2. I have a physics degree. This is no use to me, and neither is any of my other fields. I should have left school and learned how to drive forklifts. Forklift drivers can always get work here for some reason.

  3. I loathe slimy food. This means things like jelly and overcooked vegetables and overripe fruit. It makes me gag.

  4. I can't think straight if I can hear a conversation, or a song with lyrics. I have to talk out loud to myself to override the distraction if I'm trying to concentrate on something.

  5. I can raise my big toe independently of my other toes, which means I'd still be able to walk without big toes. Apparently most people can't. (I can also move my head sideways like an oriental dancer, do the Vulcan salute and the Bewitched twitch, and raise one eyebrow. I don't ever think to do the eyebrow thing though.)

  6. My car's number plate is LIBR8R.

  7. I have three cats, all monochromatic: a black-and-white, a silver tabby, and a sepia-coloured Burmese. This was not planned.
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