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Avatar and luxury

I really enjoyed Avatar. It was beautiful, inventive, visually stunning, and exciting. I can see why people go to see it again: for the sheer alien beauty in so many scenes, and the spectacle. I'd like to try it out in 3D even though I'm a bit nervous of heights.

Unobtainium seemed a rather lame name for a new metal. Since the stuff floated, why couldn't they mine the floating hills rather than under the Na'vi tree? Still, that's only a minor quibble. I liked how a lot of the animals amd things we saw earlier were very important later. The story was simple, and occasionally predictable (as soon as we were told about the "last shadow" I knew what Jake would do), but also edge-of-the-seat exciting. And the surround sound was awesome.

The luxury leather recliner seats cost less than they used to, which means I'll go there more often, but the service is as good as it was originally (after a slump in quality last year). If you like, you can get a very good three-course meal along with wine and coffee served to you complete with good cutlery, crockery, and linen napkins. We just had dessert and coffee to minimise disruption; I find it very hard to eat and watch. What was new was the complimentary lemon sorbet they brought after the food with hot towels; a very nice touch.

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