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Behold: the Book Seat!

We went to Whitcoulls bookshop last week so that I could spend some vouchers. I rarely buy books unless I know I'll reread them, so I looked at DVDs. There again, unless I want to watch them more than once, I'd rather rent them. I did fancy Doctor Who: War Games, and would have bought it too, but it was twice the price of the other old Who serials there--and two thirds the price of a whole season of new Who. So I wandered around disconsolately, wondering what I could use my vouchers on. I was sniggering at a book of Barack and Michelle Obama paper dolls when I saw it.

The Book Seat.

I've got a lot of use out of it already. It's a great design which holds a book firmly and still lets you turn the page easily, and I use it on the table when eating and on my lap. It stops my hands getting sore when holding up a large book for hours and I can drink tea and read. :-)

Let Vic show you how it works. Once again, not posed. I just saw him sitting there and grabbed the camera.

Vic, by the way, is a very intellectual cat. He reads the newspaper, and also does crosswords.

The book is the hard-cover library version of Blind Lake by Robert Charles Wilson, and I highly recommend it. It isn't just excellent SF, it also has fascinating characters.

The cushion is brown suede and one of a set of three I bought. They're "Delta" brand which is very appropriate as they look (and possibly feel) like my favourite Vila outfit. :-)

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