Nico (vilakins) wrote,

My Yuletide fics

Now that Yuletide authors have been revealed, I can say which stories I wrote. I was only a pinch-hitter, and didn't actually get a claim, but I saw a couple I couldn't resist. The first is over 1000 words; the other shorter Madness treats.

The Art Game (Mad Men)
Sal loved art from an early age, but he had to learn to play another game.

Tears Before Bedtime (The Thief series - Turner)
Why were there tears on Eugenides' and Irene's wedding night?
(Wow, this actually has a pairing, but I had just finished the book the day before and couldn't resist.)

Remade (The Scar - Mieville)
Bellis Coldwine is back in New Crobuzon.
(Not one of her requests, but I wanted to give kindkit a treat since a discussion with him made me think up this story a while back.)

Tags: ficathon stories
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