Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Have a good one!

Thank you all for your good wishes and comments! [hugs] And thank you to kalinda001 for the e-card, and bigdamnxenafan for the virtual snow!

I actually had a pretty good Christmas day, what with the wonderful gifts from lovely online friends, and a very pleasant lunch and relaxed afternoon shmoozing outside in the shade with my sister and her family. Even the driving wasn't bad once I got out of town, but it seems a lot of other people have sussed that it's a good day to travel. Just like they all now know about the the Gordonton Road route which I take, which was once so deserted I learned to drive on it.

I came back with a bag of plums and another of lemons from their trees, and Jasmin attempted to climb into one, so I gave her a gift of her own: a fresh brown paper bag. That was over an hour ago and she's still in it. Nope; she just came out. They always seem to know when I'm talking about them. :-)

I hope all of you have a great day.

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