Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Photos: cats in bag, mid-lick, and igloo

And here are some cat photos taken in the last couple of weeks

I was in the laundry when I heard a strange scrabbling. I looked around and only saw Ashley on the floor, doing nothing in particular. Then I heard it again--and saw two ears appear above the top of the large paper bag I keep there for paper, which I'd recently emptied into the recycle bin. It was Jasmin. I lifted the bag onto the washing machine (which I cover with a sheepskin for cats to lie on, and to keep it clean) and went for my camera.

"I bet you didn't know it was me in here."

"Admit it. I'm so much cuter than that recycle paper you usually put in here."

"In fact, I think I'll make this my home-within-a-home."

"What? You think living in a paper bag is a bit infra-dig?"

"It even makes a very elegant cape."

Ashley caught in mid-lick.

Ashley in her igloo. We bought this a couple of years ago for Claudia and Tessa, who got in and out a few times for the first week, then ignored it completely. Jasmin's made a bed for herself in our bedroom on a chair, so I got it out for Ashley last winter, and she loves it. She spends most of the night there, moving to the foot of our bed in the early morning.

Tags: ashley, cats, jasmin, photos
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