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Photos: tree, Ashley, and me

Thank you to all of those who sent me cards by email or post: imhilien, san_valentine, jhall1, spacefall, zoefruitcake, vjezkova, and also to zoefruitcake for the Terry's chocolate orange bars, and vjezkova for the berry beads and gingerbread decoration (see photo below). I do apologise if I've missed anyone.

Here are photos of our tree (with bonus Ashley), what Greg gave me this year, and me with shiny hair just after a salon visit this week, since kalypso_v asked to see one last time. I am slack at dealing with photos, but I finally got round to it today. There will be another post of cat photos to follow.


It has the usual glass planets on it with spaceships, plus some balls I got last year with cats' names on them to commemorate previous and current cat friends.

You san see the Czech gingerbread decoration vjezkova sent me, Jasmin and Ashley's glitterballs (there are five others), the Liberator near a blue gas giant, and to the right, the blue behind the branches is the Babylon 5 station.

Ashley under the tree. "But I got one of those last year," said Jasmin.

What Greg gave me: two artist's posable mannequins and some oil pastels. I already have a very large set of very small oil pastels, worn down to less than the length of my thumbnail in most cases, and I've wanted mannequins for a while. A wonderful gift!

And finally me just after going to the hairdresser last week. My hair never looks as nice when I do it.

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