Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Better days

This weekend has been an improvement on Friday, which was a worse end to a bad week. We actually finally managed to buy camping chairs, so if the weather's good we'll be able to take them to next year's food and wine festivals. We also went to the British food importers and bought Batchelor's vegetarian Bolognese mix (good easy meal when served over pasta or spaetzle), crumble and dumpling mixes (so we had dumplings with the stew I made today; yum), potato crisps of unusual flavour (Worcestershire sauce, pickled onions), and assorted sweets. Greg got liquorice, aniseed, and strong mint, and I got a bag of Mars planets, which I've already consumed. I should have got more. They also had chocolate oranges, and I'd have bought some if I hadn't already got six from New World. At least there's a chance I can buy more there later.

Tonight we watched the latest SGU ep. Ooh, interesting developments! I can't wait to see what happens.

We also watched the animated Doctor Who. The animation was a bit clunky, and you could tell when each original short instalment ended with a cliff-hanger, but it might have made a fairly decent ep with live action.

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