Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Fic: Lynx Part 4 - Recollection

I used the challenge of last month's picowrimo to write the fourth part of my Lynx series, also known as The Big PGP. My thanks as ever go to my excellent beta-reader, astrogirl2, who found things I am ashamed to have missed. The story is on my site's fiction page, with the previous three parts in the series, and I will also load it onto the Hip Deep in Heroes archive, probably tomorrow.
[Edit] And done. I also set it up properly as a series, which meant reloading two of the stories.

Lynx Part 1 - Rescues
Lynx Part 2 - Recovery
Lynx Part 3 - Revelations
Lynx Part 4 - Recollection

There is one more part to go. I'll get there!

Tags: longer fiction
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