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Time for a catch-up, I suppose. I succeeded in writing a story for picowrimo which I'll post in the next few days. It's the fourth instalment to my Lynx series, and is pretty standalone, being mostly about Soolin's mutoid sister.

I really should try to keep writing and finally exorcise the stories in my head so I can do something new (to me, anyway).

We went out to dinner on Sunday (excellent Italian) and Greg was annoyed that his new credit card didn't work. The bank had sent him a new one because he'd used it in a city parking building which was hacked into recently, and he thought they hadn't activated it. They had, actually, as he found when he rang them. He'd carefully cut up the new card. :-P

December already; I'm glad I don't have all the stress others do having to buy gifts and organise massive feasts. I've decided that I won't send out fannish cards this year as it gets quite expensive; I'll just draw and post a picture if I can think of one.

I got hold of a book gair mentioned a while back, Magnifi-Cat by Carolyn and Edmund Sheehan, and sobbed shamelessly. Well, maybe not shamelessly. I think it brought up lots of past grief about pets even though it was meant, at least the parts set in heaven, as gentle comedy.

I still feel very down about not having a proper job. I have no idea what to do about that. Sigh.

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