Nico (vilakins) wrote,

An Archive of Our Own, and soccer

If you're interested in getting an invite to the multifandom Archive of Our Own, you can sign up to be sent one; just go to the site and click on "SIGN UP NOW". I did that yesterday, and they said I was in a queue and might get my invite by 20 November. However I got it today. :-) I haven't loaded up any fiction yet, and I do think the Hip Deep archive is a better and much easier place to find B7 fiction. However this will be a good place for me to post my non-B7 stuff, to find fanfic in other fandoms, and to provide another backup for my stories on my site and Hip Deep. It seems to have some very nice features like being able to save drafts, bookmarks, reading history, and subscriptions.

In other news, our soccer team (we have to say "soccer" here because "football" means rugby) has made it into the World Cup for the second time. Yay! :-D

Tags: nz, world cup, writing
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