Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Apostrophes, chocolate oranges, and the naming of cats

Remember that cafe that had a rogue apostrophe? I didn't hold out much hope for them fixing it, but I noticed last week that their list of coffees is now headed by an apostrophe-less "COFFEES". Yes! \o/ I may go there sometimes now; they have nice private tables at the back that would be good for a quiet read.

And New World supermarket has chocolate oranges in their Christmas stock! I bought four. :-D

I was also amused by this snippet on Catster:

Bouhaki, the earliest cat name on record, dates back to Egyptian writings of 2000 B.C. In the hieroglyphs of that period, "bou" signified "house" and "hak" was the symbol for "divine ruler".
Yep, they had it right way back then. ;-)
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