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I should talk about the books I've read lately, but I'll just mention the Discworld ones.

Going Postal was great, and against all my expectations, mostly caused by his name, I liked Moist von Lipwig a lot. Yes, he did remind me of a certain thief with his particular brand of ethics and charm. :-)

Thud however I have mixed feelings about. There's a lot of Vimes and this is good, and I suppose I can just believe that he might get a bit obsessive about getting home by 6pm to read his kid a story if I try hard, but WTH, Terry Pratchett? You can tell which dwarfs are female by their reaction to babies? In my case, Vimes would assume by the speed at which I left the room that I'm very much male. Also, what's with the sudden introduction of millions-of-years-old recording devices that will survive anything? This plot does not feel well thought out, and the exploding cabbages during the fast ride almost made my brain explode too. Internal consistency is a good thing, even in invented worlds, and those things didn't seem to fit into the universe I've got to know.

As an aside, Willikins' name still unnerves me every time I see it. He's a very cool character though, with his very correct and dignified butler speech combined with a deadly facility with anything he can turn into a weapon. :-) I'd like to read more of him. He and Vimes make an excellent team.

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