Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet meme response # 4 - Whispers

Here's my response to redstarrobot's challenge in the ficlet meme:

Character: Gan
Title: Whispers
Dialogue: "I'm sorry, though."
It's set on the London, 230 words. It's late because I took a long time to get any ideas at all for this one.


"Was there something between you and Jenna?" Gan asked.

Vila was staring out the porthole although he could no longer see the huge alien ship the others had taken.. "Nothing but our clothes." He pulled a face. "More's the pity."

"Oh. Just that I heard some of the men talking."

"Nah, just good friends. For a little while anyway." Vila sighed. "Might've come to something if that Blake hadn't shown up. We understood each other, shared a joke or two, but somehow I don't think that's enough for her now." He turned his back to the view. "So. Shouldn't believe everything you hear, Gan."

"If I hadn't," Gan said, "I wouldn't have .."


"Met her." Gan was silent for a while, looking at his hands. "I heard two of her friends whispering about me in the works canteen, that she fancied me."


"My ... woman." His voice was barely audible. My Lu--, my darling. I can't say your name, not when it only reminds me of how I screamed it over and over when that guard killed you. "She was so beautiful. I wouldn't have dared speak to her if I hadn't heard them."

"That was lucky, then."

Gan looked up. "I suppose it was. I'm sorry, though."


"She'd still be alive back home. I'd give up all the time I had with her for that."
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