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A karate instructor I met talked me into taking classes, saying that it was a lot more fun--and more effective in his opinion--than going to the gym (mind you, most things are more fun). I went to my first class last night, and he was right: it was fun. He said I was "awesome" for my first time, but maybe he says that to all the beginners. :-P He warned me I might be sore today, but I haven't even had a twinge. I must be fitter than I thought, but I am a lot more active than I was a year ago when I worked in an office.

There's a new trailer for the Holmes and Watson film which I think fans will enjoy. :-)

And here are some photos that were languishing on my camera.

I saw Vic by the looking cat, again on a wet day, and went out to get a better picture of him.

Vic by the looking cat.

A close-up that shows that it really is blue-green. You can see it's quite rough-hewn; perfect for outside.

A cherimoya AKA custard-apple we found green at one of the local gourmet supermarkets. The guy at the Mexican Cafe told us about these, and said we'd know it was ripe when it went brown and gave slightly, like an avocado. So here it is, about to be eaten a week later.

And here it is cut in half. It did taste rather like custard and apple. It was quite filling, and apparently it's a complete balanced meal.

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