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Dark is Rising series ending

I just finished Silver on the Tree, the last of the Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper.

I'm not happy.

I didn't like Will Stanton anyway, being creeped out by the adult in a child's body, masquerading to his family but I really liked the Drew kids, especially Jane, but WTH, Susan Cooper? After all they've been through, all the courage and compassion and growing they've done, you remove their memories (except for Will's of course)? That's as bad as what RTD did to Donna; it takes away any reward for what they did, and anything they learned about themselves and what they were capable of. And what was the point of Merriman saying that Bran had made the right decision to stay in the 20th century when all he gets too is a wiped memory?

I feel cheated and rather wish I'd stopped with the first book.

[Edit] I meant to say that memory wipes (except for Blake's) are almost as bad as "it was all a dream" which I regard as an infuriating and complete waste of my time.

On to Going Postal. I'm sure from what I've heard that I'll enjoy that.

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