Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Garage sale haul, and cat photos

I didn't post about the annual "garage sale" in a local church hall. I didn't get anything terribly exciting, the biggest purchase being one of my canvas tote bags packed with books for $20. These included several Stanislaw Lems, some early Flashmans, which I'll read again, and assorted other stuff like a guy's description of hitch-hiking round Ireland with a small fridge and some weird stuff Greg chose, like an Austrian professor's opinion of England written in the 1930s.

Oh yes, and two ancient Jerrard Tickel books because Greg was amused at the title of one, Villa Mimosa. The other one's Appointment with Venus which I remember reading when I was about 13 and thinking it was both funny and exciting (kidnapping a pregnant cow in the wartime Channel Islands) but which turned out to be more serious than I remembered--and a lot more sexist and racist.

Apart from that, I got a green and blue "looking" cat which was displayed uncomfortably perched on its ends instead of over the edge of a shelf, a hand-painted Italian plate for 50 cents, and a yummy crepe with brown sugar and lemon, a welcome addition to the usual sausage sizzles they have at these things and which I avoid.

The cat is outside on a deck railing where it can keep the terracotta ones company that we found here in the garden when we moved in.

A few days ago I saw Vic sitting right by it, but when I got the camera out, he came towards me and sat on the end. Not a good photo as it was taken through a window on a cold and miserable day. The terracotta cat and kittens are out of shot to the right.

And this is the plate. I don't really need another serving one, but I loved the happy spring colours. Not bad for 50 cents!

And here are the "lion and tiger cubs" in a snuggler. They're really too big to fit in there together now; they have to layer. :-)

Tags: ashley, books, cats, jasmin, photos, vic
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