Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Return of the icon meme

The icon meme is going around again (or maybe just still going around).

1. If you'd like, comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick 6 of your icons.
2. Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I picked.

astrogirl2 chose these:

Six icons

This is Sofiya, an Amur leopard, who looked so cute and furry and sweet, I had to have her. The icon is by quarryquest from a photo by jeppy on naturesbeauty. I love her expression and spots.

This one's from a digital painting of magnolias I did last year for naarmamo. I was experimenting with a limited palette and trying to make the colours look like thick oil paint, and thought the simplicity and bright colours would look good in an icon.

Mince pies! These are traditional Christmas pies here, small and sweet and filled with fruit mince: ground dried fruit and nuts and usually some sort of alcohol if home-made. These came from Pandoro, a local Italian bakery, and I took a photo on one of my plates and iconised them because they stand so well for a NZ (and possibly UK?) Christmas and also Hanukkah because of the Stars of David Pandoro used (pure coincidence). You only get mince pies at Christmas, and I assure all those fruitcake-hating Americans that they're delicious.

Ah, one of the WPA retro icons I made from posters done during the great depression. I love the style and limited colours. Now I have more icon space, I might take a couple more myself.

Vila in pencil, but not. This was a go at a tutorial on how to turn photos into "pencil" drawings.

Another naarmamo drawing turned into an icon. This one's of my hand-painted coffee cup with my weekend cappuccino in it; full-sized picture here.

sallymn chose these:

More icons

As I said above, one of the WPA retro icons I made from posters done during the great depression.

This is Hurley from Lost. I love Hurley; he's sweet and funny--and "Dude" is a common reaction from him. :-)

Rodney McKay from SGA: a geek whose password was used by John Sheppard in an ep, impressing with his unerring memory of such a long string of numbers. However they all have a typical Rodney meaning: Isaac Newton's birth year, Albert Einstein's birth year, Rodney's own birth year (showing that Rodney ranks himself with these geniuses), and the number 42, which is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. :-D

This was scanned from the cover of one of the old classic SF magazines I bought a couple of years ago from a pawn shop. I liked it for the green alien, and the fact it's watching TV and In Space!

Latkes are potato pancakes and very yummy. They're basically the same as German kartoffelpuffer, small roesti, and various other European potato pancakes. They're traditionally served at Hanukkah... which nine candles are lit day by day. This pretty icon I found on a comm, by someone no longer on LJ. I've hardly used this one, but it got a few outings last year when Hanukkah and Christmas coincided.

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