Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Chocolate, cat food, and books

Today I got paid $40 for 30 minutes of chocolate tasting; a good deal if it hadn't been on the North Shore which meant having to cross the harbour bridge and taking 45 minutes to get home afterwards due to an accident on the bridge. The chocolate research is confidential, but suffice it to say it was for a certain Australian chocolate manufacturer which has been putting palm oil in its products.

I also got an e-mail from Foodtown, the local supermarket, telling me about some new products (though I'd actually like them to keep stocking the old ones, like the Zone bars they're totally out of). One new thing is a gourmet "restaurant-inspired" cat food. (Greg said not to let the cats see the site, or they'll want to eat out with us.) I know it's aimed at the owner rather than the cat, but do furry carnivores really need their food complemented by garden greens and accented with spinach? That said, I'll buy some to see if my lot like it, if it's a reasonable price. They actually live on Hills's Science Diet dry food so I only give them tinned food as a treat, one tin divided between three of them as a little enticement to come in at night, and lately they've been a bit bored with the basic Fancy Feast stuff.

What else? I ordered some more books from the library (I've see I've had 71 this year already), but was disappointed that after reading and enjoying "A Million Open Doors" by John Barnes, I can't read the sequel because they don't have it. Bah. Oh well, I have Mieville and Pratchett and the next book in the Dark is Rising series coming.

Tags: real life
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