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Ficlet meme response # 3 - Uncharted Territories

Here's my response to astrogirl2's third challenge in the ficlet meme:

Characters: Any B7 character / any Farscape character
Title: Uncharted Territories
Dialogue: "Where did you come from?"
I chose Tarrant and Stark, though not as a pairing. It's set during 'Ultraworld', 500 words.

Uncharted Territories

"Get these two back to the sleep cell. I'll get the memory tubes." Tarrant left Dayna to cope with the zombie-like husks of Avon and Cally and headed for the control room.

There was someone there.

"Who are you?" Tarrant demanded.

"Stark." The man turned around. He was dressed in an rags and a woollen hat pulled over the right side of his face; light shone through the tiny interstices. "I'm Stark."

Tarrant took a step back. "Where did you come from?"

Stark smiled ingratiatingly. "Uncharted territories. Easy when you're incorporeal, just a wavy wave." He undulated one hand across his body and giggled. "Sucked into a wormhole, suck it up, spit it out, and here I am." He suddenly looked sad. "They said this place was full of lost souls and bald blue people." His face crumpled. "But they're not Delvians." He gestured at the tubes. "It's not right! They're trapped, trapped in there. I'm a Stykera, it's my job to cross them over." He suddenly swung his arm out and swept several to the floor, where they smashed.

"What're you doing?" Tarrant leapt forward and grabbed his arm.

"Freeing them!" Stark's one eye stared back guilelessly. "Sending them to their proper destinations." His hands fluttered. "Peaceful journey." He began to chant softly and hypnotically, then, taking Tarrant by surprise, he suddenly tipped an entire rack over.

"Not those!" Tarrant shouted as Stark reached for Avon and Cally. "They're my friends!"

Stark clutched them to his chest. "You can't let them stay like this, in-between, not one or the other."

"Give them to me. I can reverse the process, put them back in their bodies."

"Bodies?" Stark stared in horror at the smashed tubes around his feet.

"Don't worry." Tarrant said soothingly as he approached. "Those ones didn't have any. They fed them to the giant brain."

Stark mouthed the words, his eye huge.

"Yes, that's right, and it's going critical." Tarrant smiled. " So everyone here will be free very shortly. Including you if you're not careful."

"Free?" Stark looked around the room dreamily. "Free."

Tarrant took his chance and grabbed Cally and Avon.

"Wait! You might get them mixed up." Stark pointed to one tube. "That's him on that side." He pointed at the other one. "And that's her there." His hand jabbed repeatedly. "His side, her side, his side, her side."

"Ah." Tarrant nodded. "Right."

He turned back at the door and saw that Stark had removed his hat and spread his arms wide in benediction. Where the right side of his face should have been was a warm glow, almost too bright to look at, and Tarrant caught the edge of ... something ineffably beautiful.

Stark smiled. "Destinations."


While they were waiting for Avon and Cally to be restored, Tarrant tried to remember that elusive glimpse of paradise.

"What's the matter?" Dayna asked.

He wasn't sure how to explain it so he didn't. "The memory tubes," he lied. "I just hope they're in the right order."
Tags: crossovers
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