Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Mixed bag

Because I feel I should post about more things than drawings of varying interest.

Jasmin almost makes cleaning the house fun as she leaps onto every surface I'm dusting or wiping, and I have to laugh and cuddle her. She's so funny and eager and cute.

I have probably eaten my first and last chocolate orange. There were none left at the supermarket today. Serves me right for not feeling up to going there on Friday. This shouldn't get me down but things do when you feel a bit crap anyway. And I forgot to buy several things I'll have to go back for tomorrow. Double bum.

I managed to draw the NaArMaMo thing I tried and failed to do yesterday.

But now I have to cook dinner and when I'm feeling so down, this feels like a huge and insurmountable task. I suppose I'd better get on with it since Greg has a friend coming round to watch the Grand Prix later tonight (I shall be taking refuge in here or in bed.)

Good (I suppose)
I have a new ceramic knife of scary sharpness, and at least that should make cutting up stuff more efficient. But not more fun.

Tags: real life
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