Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Day 14 - Rinconada Cat

Today's naarmamo is a Rinconada cat, the first one I ever got, and still my favourite. Rinconada is a Uruguyan maker of the most wonderful animals--have a look here-- and I have a few others: a calico, a tabby, a tiny grey cat, and a white tiger cub.

Rinconada Cat

Tessa often took this pose and we'd call her our live Rinconada cat. :-) This one is about 12cm long, and I gave her lighter colours to make them show up more. She's in the Anniversary collection as Cat #721, picture here. I found my tiger cub in the Rincababies--see here--but not the others I have.

I had a hard time with the highlights--simply adding translucent white as I usually do didn't work--but the dodge tool set to highlight turned out to give me the sort of metallic sheen I wanted.

My NaArMaMo 2009 Gallery is here.

Tags: art making month 2009, rinconada collection
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