Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Two cats and a flower

The Matrix Security guy came today to service our alarm system and had to check the control box in the harness room (a large cupboard in the carport called that because the previous owners hung their tack there). When he left, I thought I'd better check to make sure he hadn't shut a cat in there. There didn't seem to be anyone there and I was about to lock the door again when I saw a stripy face appear in the gloom below a pile of cartons. She refused to come out at first--and Jasmin was very worried and trying to get in after her--but I lured her out with a play tube (an old cable outer). They were both quite happy once they were running about on the deck chasing it. :-)

While out there I found my little pohutukawa potted tree has a flower! That seems very early for pohutukawa, but maybe the miniature varieties bloom early. Either that or it's going to be a killer summer!

Two cats and a flower

A photo of Ashley looking like a seashell.

Jasmin on the new kitchen mat we bought in the weekend. She must like the texture, but it looks as if she knows that the colours match her own. :-)

My first pohutukawa flower! It's an iconic NZ flower; see, well, icon!

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