Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Good memories of Tessa

It's a year ago today that Tessa died, and here are some cute and funny pictures in her memory. They're all old photos from before I got a digital camera, scanned in today, and include the Bush Baby, the Two-Headed Cat, and a Cat in a Bag.

Pictures to make you smile and laugh

Tessa asleep in our bed sheets. Altogether now: awwwwww!

Tessa on the bedroom stereo. This had to be on an early summer morning as that's the only time the sun hits that spot.

Bush baby Tessa!

All right, this is how she really was, on a deck railing.

Two-headed cat!

The real picture: Tessa on Greg's car roof

Tessa in a plastic bag. I had to take a photo before extracting her though she was quite happy there.

Three people in bed (Claudia, Tessa, Greg)

Two happy cats on the deck

Closeup of Tessa doing her "cuddle me" pose. Of course I always did.

Closeup of Claudia in the laundry basket. It was a routine to carry her back up and inside when the basket was empty. She's waiting patiently here. I'm going to miss that this summer.

I really need to find and scan the ones of Claudia the Kitten from Outer Space.

Tags: cats, photos, tessa
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