Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Blake's 7 rewatch community

I've been a bit slack in fandom lately, not writing anything despite the excellent challenges on b7friday. I'm not sure why, because I still have unwritten stories in my head, but I've been curling up with novels (and often cats) instead. Maybe it's because it's winter. I'd make a resolution to start writing this week, but it's only a couple of days till August and NaArMaMo. Eep.

I floated the idea of a Blake's 7 rewatch community two months ago--and then never got round to doing anything about it, so snowgrouse set one up, b7rewatch. I am now the mod, and have posted a poll, so if you're interested in a rewatch--or a first-time watch--please go and vote for your preferences. :-)

I'm hoping this will get people back watching and talking about B7, and also attract some new fans. :-)

Tags: blake's 7
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