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Greg braved the big storage cupboard under the eaves to find the family heirloom moon landing newspapers I mentioned to some people. I thought it was just the NZ Herald from 21 July going by the size--newspapers being so thick now with all the specialist sections--but it turned be five papers: the Herald and the now defunct Auckland Star for 21 and 22 July (landing and lift-off), and the Star for their return on the 25th.

Random things which caught my eye:

  • 20 South Africans flew to London to watch the landing on TV there because SA didn't have TV back then.
  • A Scottish woman who gave birth just after the launch called her son Neil Edwin Michael.
  • A Tanzanian politician tried to reserve a seat on the first commercial flight to the moon with PanAm and was told that fares were not yet resolved. I wish.
  • A photo of Andrew Aldrin (11) looking at reports of his father on the moon: "That's Dad!"
  • A quote from Buzz's praying wife (who didn't rate a name of her own in those days, it seems): "God can rest now."
Actually the reports are pretty good, even telling how they overshot their planned landing place. I'm very impressed with how many photos and how much information the papers provided. If anyone's interested in photos, I'll take some. They're too big to fit on the scanner.

Also, I'm going to book for Apollo 13 - Mission Control, an interactive play which is on here next month. You can be press gallery (no interaction) or part of Mission Control and help launch or build the CO2 filters etc--so much more fun! :-D I'm going for that option. I want to say, "Go for launch!"

Speaking of that, anyone who has Apollo 13 on DVD should listen to the commentary track by Jim and Marilyn Lovell, as we did last night. It's fascinating, and those two know how to do a commentary. :-)

Other things found in the scary cupboard included:
  • Two old traditional rugs from Bangladesh which I put away when Claudia and Tessa pulled the tassels off one; it needs proper re-edging.
  • All my artwork from Form 3 (Year 9) which had a lot of illos I did for the novel I wrote that year (three whole exercise books), set in a boarding school strangely like mine. I see that the new teacher looks just like my science teacher, complete with perm, double chin, knitted jersey, and tartan skirt. I was not subtle.
  • Old newspaper pages giving national exam results including mine (the highest School Certificate mark for my school up till then). Ah, how far I've fallen. :-(
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