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The Pretender 301, 302, 303

I am one of the few people not watching (or interested in watching) Torchwood. I have seen more Pretender though, and here are my reactions to the next three episodes, or more exactly, two and a bit.

301: Crazy

At least I think it's called "Crazy"; Epguides and PretenderCentre seem to have different ideas. According to the latter, it's "Collateral Damage. I am puzzled.

I am also puzzled about how everyone got out of SL27 without being burned (except maybe for Broots's arm), and how Jarod got away. As for Gar, I didn't think he was one of the many down there when the bomb went off. I think Lyle killed him and dumped him there as a convenient scapegoat because Sydney was far too useful to be thrown to the wolves of the Renewal Wing.

OH NO, POOR TRAGIC SYDNEY! Sydney is blind, and I really thought Jarod was crazy for quite a while. He does a damned good impression of someone near to breakdown, and certainly convinced me because he's using his own past. Perhaps he finds it therapeutic to talk about it, or decided that it was crazy enough to convince anyone he was a real nutter. Or probably both.

I have to wonder just how big the Centre is, with that large complex and all those satellite offices. Certainly big enough for Parker never to have met or heard of Lyle before he turned up. Do we find out who the Triumvirate is? I thought Mr Parker was a member, but he certainly isn't at this point. Does it perhaps change with circumstances?

Ahahaha: Harry Houdini, who knew how to get out of straitjackets. And indeed, Jarod does; it's really another Pretend and Avenge! I was very relieved.

And yep, I thought the Parker twin would be Lyle. Poor Parker. So Daddy pulled strings to get Lyle back after the Red Rock fiasco, because he's his son. I rather think he's the child Daddy really wanted, not his so-called Angel. Oh no, poor tragic Parker!

A thought: is Angel her name, or a short form of it (Angela perhaps)? Or is she called Muriel or Mildred (I think I saw an early parcel from Jarod addressed to M Parker) and understandably refuses to be known by it?

302: Hope and Prey

Ahhh, as soon as I saw Jarod entering Tribal Land, I thought there'd be a vision quest involved somewhere. Points for it not being his though, but his father's. It seems he's just known as Major Charles. Is he perhaps Charles Charles Charles, rather like Major Major Major Major in Catch-22?

Lyle thinks Parker is attractive despite being his sister, and not in a brotherly way. Ewww! Good answer, Parker.

Wow, what did they do to "ghost" Fenigor? I'm so glad they didn't do that to our Syd, and also delighted that his sight's coming back--and his sense of humour when he says that he can see what matters and that Parker is blurry but there. :-)

And now we have a new mystery, the Circle of Fire which is shown on the gun, the cave wall, the patch Jarod finds, and in which Angelo sits at the end. I'm wondering if the patch shows the symbol of Charles's squadron (or whatever they call it in the US) which was adopted as that of a group opposing the Centre. I'm also not convinced about the identity of the guy who shot Catherine Parker: is he Jarod's genetic father, or Charles. As I said to Astro, I think Jarod has two mummies and two daddies--or three if you count Sydney. :-)

I have to say that Angelo's gift is well within the realms of SF here, as is Jarod's, and I can see why the writers didn't want to lose it last season.

303: Once in a Blue Moon

I hate serial killers, women-haters, and rapists, three overlapping groups which seem over-represented in police series which is why I refuse to watch most of them. I didn't want to watch this either, and when Jarod said he wanted to meet the killer in person, I decided I just couldn't and made do with reading a synopsis to pick up any B story. I did have time to see Sydney in little round specs though. :-)

I am horrified about Sydney forcing a very upset child Jarod to get into the mind of a monster, though I can see that he in turn was forced. OK, so the missing Annie was Raines's daughter; was that the real point of this ep? That Raines once had a family and some love in his life? So what? SS officers and concentration camp guards were fond of their families too. I wonder what happened to his wife; did they say?

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