Nico (vilakins) wrote,

But I don't have nothing to feed them!

Just down the road is a garden centre with a small coffee stall, and I went there today to pick up a coffee and a yummy brioche. There are horse paddocks there belonging to the Meadowbank Pony Club (which seems odd--but nice--in a city, however I heard it's land put aside for a future motorway) and a notice on the gate which always bothers me.

Not the usual "Don't feed the horses", but a positive order to feed them nothing! The horses are usually nowhere near the gate though, so it's not that easy. There was actually one wandering down where the land slopes away but he'd disappeared by the time I took this. The light's not that great as there was only about an hour of winter daylight left.

I took another picture too, of an interesting stump in the field.

Tags: photos
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