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The Pretender 219, 220, 221&222

I'm still a few episodes behind on posting these. :-P

219: Red Rock Jarod

See, I knew Lyle was still alive, right back when that conveniently headless body was fished out.

What was the point of the two deaf guys? I like that Jarod learning sign language has been remembered, but I thought it might be used again in this ep. I did like learning that something sweet under the tongue will raise low blood sugar though, because I have trouble with that myself. However as soon as I knew that the kid needed a heart transplant and that Jarod had the same blood type, Kyle (or possibly Lyle) was for it.

I find it rather unlikely that someone who spent most of his life torturing people, Mr "I decide who lives and who dies" should suddenly learn about compassion and the pleasure of helping others. But hey. And of course he dies giving his heart (though wouldn't it have been stopped a little too long to be useful?)

Maybe Lyle was wearing personal armour when Parker shot him, but not this time since Kyle had been torturing him with a knife. Tsk, people. Bad guys don't stay dead unless you keep an eye on them after they've been shot.

220: Bank

How very strange that Parker's mother should write what amounts to diary entries to her. Maybe it was in case something happened--which if course it did--but it seems to be an odd thing to do. And Parker's right: Jarod could have mailed all three notes to her. He really does like playing his games.

And you know, I wouldn't be surprised if Mr Parker did have his wife killed. He could still have a sentimental and guilty cry afterwards. I don't trust that guy one bit.

I guessed that the assassin was after Fenigor rather than Jarod, but it does raise the question of why they didn't just kill the guy early on instead of paying him off for years. Huh: "Prodigy". Are we getting closer to Jarod's past? I hope so, and hope that the writers aren't just making it up as they go. "The question is: what becomes of us when we have all our answers." Yep. Poor Parker.

221&222: Bloodlines


Mind you, I could so see that coming, what with Sydney explaining he had to receive all the treatments--not once, but three times, no less--and Parker making a crack about flowers for Algernon. I still got misty-eyed though, mainly because I didn't expect that Angelo himself would give up his last dose. I just assumed he'd forget or be prevented somehow. Oh, Angelo. [hugs] Of course they had to get their magic empath back, and showing Timmy didn't have that ability pretty much sealed his fate. I used to think he was creepy, but I rather love him now. But why, Jarod, didn't you make up more than enough serum or whatever it was each time?

NuGenesis--yep, I really, really don't think "Gene" is a name (and didn't from the start). OK, so now Jarod knows his parents were called Margaret and Charles. Surely he can now find records with their surname? He's very good at digging up other stuff.

Ahahaha, poor Broots being trapped in Raines' office and having to see him change his pants. This ep started with nightmares and I think Broots is due some now.

Awww, Angelo! Drinking tea from bone china with his little finger out! And playing "Twinkle twinkle little star".

So Parker has a twin brother. I discounted it being Jarod as he had a little brother himself and I didn't think they'd get away with stealing two babies from the Parkers, but now the whole question of paternity is very uncertain. I was betting on Lyle as he looks more like Parker. On the subject of resemblances however, it seems that Jarod himself might be adopted as he doesn't look like his parents, who suddenly acquired a child after only 6 months. It's very odd that Lewis the inn keeper didn't seem to know, but surely he'd have noticed Margaret being pregnant. I'm going for adoption, which makes me wonder who his real parents--and Kyle's--are. This just gets more complicated.

Yep, it certainly looks as if there's a gene they look for in the blood of gifted children. So Lyle was sent to NuGenesis with his special gene--then to the hicks in the sticks? Odd. As for Daddy's reaction to the vid of the birth, I'm not sure if he's almost having a heart attack because he didn't know, or because Parker's found out. I do not trust anything that guy says or does. And shit, that "I have a son" crap really hurt Parker who has always wanted to matter to him. Sexist bastard.

Aha! Angel Manor must be why Timmy got called Angelo. I wonder why Parker escaped the program though, given that she has the same genetic markers.

And yes, it gets even more complicated with Fenigor telling Parker and Jarod that Jarod's father shot Parker's mother, but whether that's in fact Charles, or his, um, genetic one I have no idea. I have no idea why this makes Parker want to shoot Jarod too, given that it wasn't his fault and he's as shocked as she is, but hey. I'm also wondering whether Jarod's father is also Parker's and Angelo/Lyle's (and Kyle's). I wouldn't put it past the writers.

And finally: no boom tomorrow; BOOM TODAY! Eep.

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