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The Pretender 213, 214, 215

I've seen a few Pretender episodes recently, and because I'm behind on posting about them, I'll do three at a time.

213: A Stand-Up Guy

Hmmm, Jarod plays another mob guy--Jarod Puzo, ahahaha, and FBI agent Rico: somewhat obvious. I wonder if anyone ever calls him on these names. I do think the setup where he pretends to shoot the other agent was pretty dicey though; how did he know someone else wouldn't do it, or that they'd let him wait till the body would fall in a convenient location--to sleep with the fishes? And how did Jarod fix Bobby two-Guns' gun? Or both guns, looking at the guy's nickname? I really wondered for a moment if Jarod had finally had to kill someone to stay in character. The rest of the A story was fairly predictable once we knew why Jarod was there, but I did like that he got Faye her dream of going to Hawaii. The business with the tongue? Ewww. You enjoy this stuff, don't you, Jarod? :-)

And I thought we'd see Lyle again, with or without a thumb. I have no idea what the blue box chip was all about and why the Yakuza would pay so much for it. And really, Parker, don't you think a body with no means of identification is a trifle convenient. If you haven't got an identifiable corpse, the character isn't dead. I wonder how Lyle managed that so quickly though.

214: Unforgotten

OK, the A-story (or lack thereof) in this one was boring. Boring, but at least it's the first time I can say that; the others have been entertaining if sometimes predictable. Oh, Pretender. A bloody clip show? I expected better of you.

I really thought Brigitte/Bridget had been killed with the screwdriver on the helipad; bugger! I wonder why she felt the need to have a British accent before. And who are all the weirdoes at the T-board session? So we get to see them again, or were they just wheeled in to confuse? About the only thing we learn from this ep is that Daddy is about as evil and manipulative as we thought.

I'd quite like to forget this ep, actually.

215: Bulletproof


Once again, the A-story isn't the most interesting part, but I liked how the "what makes a family" theme tied in with Sydney finding his lover and his son. What the hell, though? So the Centre got rid of her, telling her to disappear or Sydney would get killed, because a son would distract Sydney from the Pretender project? It seems a bit contrived when they could have had a strong hold over Sydney with his family right there in their power. Bit of a mistake too with Michelle's details which Broots finds, which showed her birth date as 1976 when that would be closer to her son's. How does Jarod find this stuff out, I wonder? Does he hack into the Centre's systems? Does Angelo somehow know and tell him?

Hmmm, it seems a little contrived that Liz is moving to be near her boyfriend's sons, just to provide a parallel. Will she have the life of her own that Sydney, Parker, and Jarod were denied by the centre? I hope she finds someone else while remaining an honorary aunt.

Ah, Sydney: "They stole my life , Parker! Just like they stole Jarod's.... and Angelo's...."
And Jarod: "I thought it only "took blood to bond people. But I've learned that it takes something else... It takes love ."
They really are family, aren't they.

I've never heard of "chia pets"? I first thought they were called "geo-pets". Ahahaha, the Broots one is great!

I've seen three more eps, but I'll post about those later. :-)

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