Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Various stuff

I watched another Pretender ep last night--oh, tragic Sydney!--but realised that I really should post about the two previous eps. Or can I make them all one post? Does anyone even care? :-P

[looks at emoticon in previous para] I should also make a :-P icon from a photo of Claudia with her pink tongue out, taken about a month ago.

And in fic news, I just found out via andrastewhite about cliche_bingo. This looks like fun, and could induce me to create some more crack-fic (or even crack-art). Is anyone else interested in playing too? You get a bingo card stocked with clichés and have to write a vertical, diagonal, or horizontal row of fics. There's other stuff you can do for extra points, but I think I'd just do a row. You can, if you wish, ask for a gen set of clichés, but you're free to interpret the prompts in any way you like: gen, slash, or het..

They closed it overnight. I should have signed up yesterday. This is typical of me; dithering and missing out. It happens with clothes I like in the online shop too.

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