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Goodbye, little grey friend

We took Claudia to the vet yesterday afternoon for the last time.

She had gone downhill very fast since the weekend, when we saw her jumping up onto the deck railing, and coming to greet visitors in her friendly, eager way. She stopped eating on Monday and became very weak and dehydrated and was finding walking increasingly difficult, but her last few days were the best we could give her.

She spent her last three nights in bed with us. She hadn't come upstairs for a couple of weeks, but came meowed to be lifted up on the first night and slept between us. The next night we took her bed upstairs, and she actually jumped into bed (not that well, but successfully) with me and spent the night snuggled against my arm. The last night, she was between us again.

Yesterday was a brilliantly sunny winter's day, and I expected her to spend it all borrowed into her bed as she had been doing, but she surprised me by getting out the cat door when I wasn't looking and sitting in the sun in the garden. The cubs and I stayed out there with her for a while, then she made her slow way back inside for a drink, then to her heatpad in the TV room. I thought she'd stay there, but I could see she wanted to jump up beside me, so I lifted her into a snuggler and she spent most of the day there in the sun beside me, curled up peacefully while I talked gently to her and stroked her sweet head.

We took her to the vet in her bed while it was still sunny and bright.

I miss her so much, but given her health and frailty, it's much easier to bear than Tessa's sudden passing.

She was a lovable, funny, and quirky cat--as they all are--and Greg and I have been remembering and talking about all the things she did and liked.

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