Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Gen ficathon

I was just saying to astrogirl2 that when I've finished my multiverse5000 story (which is due this weekend; eep) I'll be free till August and naarmamo.

I forgot about the gen_ficathon. Official fandoms include Doctor Who, Lost, Star Trek, SG1, and SGA among others; you can request other fandoms too.

The timeline is:

June 4-25: Sign-Ups
June 28: Assignments Sent Out
July 28: Default Deadline
August 11: Final Deadline for Initial Participants
August 18: Final Deadline for Pinch-Hitters
(projected) August 20: Posting Begins!
Anyone else want to play?

[Edit:] B7 isn't one of the official fandoms after all, so I won't be doing it as I doubt my ability to write in most of the fandoms. I'm sure I saw it there when they put it up, but I must have been seeing things, or I was thinking of the voting post.
Tags: writing
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