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The rest of the word meme

OK, here's the rest of that word meme: me babbling on about the words sallymn gave me now I'm back and have some time. I'm pretty sure I've done some of these before.

I loved cats since I was tiny, even though the family cat was a bad-tempered grey Persian called Beethoven (he looked like the famous bust). If I saw a kitten or cat in the street, I had to rush over to it--and still do. They just have a huge fascination for me, in any size. I now have four cats, and believe me, it's hard to resist the weekly Lonely Miaow orphan in the local paper. I regard cats as the most beautiful creatures on this planet.

I'm not that knowledgeable about art; do you mean mine? That's another passion that has ruled me all my life. When I was little, I even used to draw people in the air, create whole murals, rubbing out bits I didn't like with a wave of my hand. People must have thought I was cracked. I learned not to do that, and even not to doodle in meetings because people would become desperate to see what I was drawing. Drawing did make me friends at primary school (I cornered the market in war scenes with fighter planes, bombers, tanks, and little soldiers) and secondary school where I went into cartoons. I loved Ronald Searle's style and used to draw St Trinan's girls doing unspeakable things in the lab, and Romans doing even more murderous things to each other in the back of my Latin exercise book. I used to try to remember to rip those out until the Latin teacher, a deceptively conventional looking woman with a bun, asked me to leave them in because she and the staff room liked them. I wish I had more talent though. But I'm a dilettante.

What can I say? There are people who say this planet should be saved because it's the only one with cats and chocolate, and those are two damned good reasons! I just wish the supermarket would keep stocking the ones I've come to like. No more Cadbury's Old Gold liqueur selection for me, and I only discovered it a few months ago. :-(

Computers, or more specifically the internet, have given me some of the best friends I've ever had. I use mine mainly for LJ, writing, and drawing. I also spent a lot of my working life programming them till bastards in management drove me out. I'm not sure what else I can say about them, except that Zen made me cry, and I blame that little plastic rat Orac for S4.

I assume I got this because of this very old icon. "Cheers" is used in my English as an informal goodbye, a casual "thanks, and a sort of "here you go!" And of course when having a drink. This has probably puzzled quite a few people here, so I hope that helped.

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