Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Dreamwidth layouts, and B7 comms

For those of you on Dreamwidth frustrated by the lack of layouts, have a look at [info]dreamwidthlayouts. There's already a good selection with clear instructions on how to install, but note that they've usually only been tested on IE and Firefox; do check. So far I'm sticking with Transmogrified with custom colours and header because I found via [info]vila_restal, who uses Opera, that not all work properly in that and possibly other browsers.

Also, I'm considering setting up a general Blake's 7 community on Dreamwidth in the hopes it might attract some new people there. It won't be a fic comm--we have b7fic and b7friday for that, plus the Hip Deep in Heroes archive. It's not replacing the existing comms; I just think it would be good to have a general B7 comm on DW for fans, for discussions, announcements, and anything B7.

Any ideas for good names?

Meanwhile on LJ (and possibly the DW comm as well), it's been suggested that a B7 rewatch similar to that running for Babylon 5 and Farscape might draw people back to the comms, and maybe attract new fans too. What do people think? Too much along with the other rewatches running?

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