Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Happy birthday to Ashley

We're not sure exactly how old Ashley is, but going by the vet's estimate she's now one year old, and rates a new grown-up icon. I did consider setting her birthday to be the same as mine, which would also make her exactly three months older than Jasmin (who was born on 28 July), but decided that was unfair as I'm usually out celebrating. So we picked 1 May, just as I decided Vic the millennium cat was born on 1 January 2000.

As with all cat birthdays, we treat them all to tuna until it's finished, which they love: cat chocolate! No prezzies though unless you count a new collar to replace the one she used to undo, which won't please her.

So Ashley is now officially no longer a kitten, but we'd started calling her and Jasmin "cubs" a while back anyway as they were too big to be kittens despite being extremely playful and mischievous, and anyway they look like a little white tiger and lion.

Photos of the three girls

ash and jas
Ashley and Jasmin about a month ago. Ashley's wearing the first collar she removed--twice--and which we never found the second time.

ash and jas convo
"I'm all grown up now and you're still a kitten. Nya nya nya."
"See if I care. I'm cute."

ash and jas eyes
Gold and green eyes.

jas and claudia
Jasmin and Claudia in the snuggler.

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