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In other news...

Craving WW2 stuff after finishing Enemy at the Gate and reading Enigma, we've been watching a documentary about Bletchley Park, Station X. It's excellent, and I'm enjoying the interviews with people on both sides. After that, we'll see the Derek Jacobi play about Turing, Breaking the Code.

Last night however, we saw the first part of three of The Making of Blake's 7, the documentary series B7E (I think) stopped them adding to the DVDs as extras. It's amazingly good, made in 1999, I think: very informative, and interviewees include Terry Nation (some of these interviews must have been made a lot earlier), Gareth Thomas, Michael Keating, Jan Chappell, Jacqueline Pearce, Chris Boucher, Vere Lorimer, Matt Irvin, David Maloney, and several others. I don't think it was ever shown because there's a time counter running in the top left corner, but it's properly edited and, unusually, actually kept Greg watching, it's so interesting. It's well worth seeing. This part covered S1, and the next two S2 and S3. They never made one for S4, but that's no great loss. ;-) For those interested, it's on The Box, like the others.

What else? I went out to dinner (delicious Italian) on Saturday night, I've made Greg a very cool late birthday present scarf, and I'm reading Pompeii by Robert Harris, which is as good as I suspected it would be.

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