Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Increasingly enfuriated rant

If it's not bad enough I feel crap about myself and my life anyway, RL is out to get me.

  • Our water main is leaking again. The plumber is coming this afternoon and maybe we'll need a whole new one since this is the second time.
  • I have to get someone in to replace all the window rubbers. Yeah, that's what they call them.
  • I also need to get someone to replace the handful of rotting planks in our deck
  • Oh and someone to fix the leak in the guttering and the roof
  • And then there's the courier:
    • I ordered something to be delivered last week, forced to use a courier with signature required because that's the only option the company provides. Even though I order clothing from Ezibuy all the time and they just leave it in the letterbox or at the front door and I've never had any trouble.
    • The courier came during the 45 minutes or so I was out taking Jasmin to the eye specialist last Monday.
    • I rang them and asked them to send it to our local post shop (Meadowbank) for collection, an option they offer. They couldn't find it on their system, so I said, "Fine, send it to Eastridge then."
    • It wasn't sent to Eastridge.
    • Furious, I rang up and asked what had happened. They had taken it there, then brought it back. They didn't know why. Is it all right if it's redelivered to my place on Monday morning? Yes.
    • It's Monday morning and I'm sitting here unshowered and trapped in the house waiting for it. I suspected it wasn't coming, so I rang them up. What a surprise. It's at the bloody depot. I lost it and swore at them, pointing out that I'd been forced to pay for a signed delivery, and something taking more than a week to get to me is a total waste of my money and time. Ordinary mail would have got it there by last Tuesday. "I see here," she said, "that you want it to go to Meadowbank post shop." WTF? They couldn't even find that in their system last week. I slowly told them the process I've been through and they said they'd ring back. The new person (the third I've spoken to today) offered to get it to me by an urgent courier. I accepted.
    • I bloody hope they actually do because I'm still unshowered and contact lens-less, and the water guy's coming early this afternoon.

I bloody hate NZ Couriers. This is not the first time they've stuffed me around.

I'm not ringing the other people till I feel better. Now I'm both depressed and angry and that's not a good combination.

[Edit] The delivery came, brought by a very nice guy who agreed that they're "hopeless".

The plumber came (early, just after I got out of the shower) and it looks like we need a new main. Al least he doesn't have to dig up the driveway like I had to pay heaps for in a previous place; he uses a "mole" to dig a tunnel for the new pipe. But still, it's all volcanic here with big rocks, not to mention our trees' roots. :-P
Tags: rant, real life
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