Nico (vilakins) wrote,

The Pretender 212: Toy Surprise

I didn't much like the last ep, but this one was awesome, which more than made up for it.

I'll leave the A story aside except to say that I knew Jarod hadn't broken his leg--look, he's a pretender!--and that it's a change on the usual avenger plot because he's helping someone rather than trapping them into an admission of guilt.

I also knew that there'd be an attempt on that helicopter Mr Parker was in as soon as they showed it, but from then on, it was all, well, toy surprises. :-) Like Daddy not being the evil bastard who killed his wife / let her be killed that I'd thought, and Raines not being involved in the assassination attempt. I wonder if he told Parker later who it was, and who killed her mother; it looked as if he knew, but on the other hand he could just be assuming the two killers are the same and not know their identity. And I almost feel sorry for the guy for having to live in the Centre.

This was a great Parker and Broots ep. And Angelo, who knows as much as Jarod about the Centre in his own way. I'm getting fonder of poor Angelo. And it was little Parker who gave Angelo his first cracker jacks! He more than repays her with a box with a recording of her father showing his grief at her mother's death. Poor tragic broken people, you need each other and you're starting to realise it.

Awwww, poor Hayes with his crooked Parker-offending necktie and sweet tooth! I love this show for giving him enough character to make me think he'd be around for a while, then killing him off. He didn't look like a redshirt.

So Brigitte has dropped her British accent. I wonder why she assumed it. I'm pretty sure Parker got her with the screwdriver, so if she survives for more eps, I can't imagine those two being in the same Centre without trying to kill each other. Hmmm. She probably knows who's behind it all, so I suppose she's dead.

I am strangely relieved to find that Daddy isn't quite the cold unfeeling bastard I'd thought.

Best lines:
Wake up and smell the oxygen." (Not that you can.)
"I want to kill her, not screw her." (Actually, a well placed screwdriver will do that.)

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