Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Finished knitting

Here are some photos of the knitting I've done recently.

Graduated colour scarf

This is a non-rib version of the Boomtown scarf pattern which I made in a graduated colour yarn since others had and I thought it looked rather effective. I was very pleased at how well it goes with my new teal jacket.

Boomtown scarf

I'm not really a fan of Rose, but I did admire her scarf in Boomtown, so I had a go at it. It took me a while to find a yarn with enough variegated colours, even though they’re a bit paler and ice-creamy. They're more my colours than the classic Four scarf though.

Zigzag diagonal scarf

I bought this yarn for zoefruitcake's mitts, but bought more for myself because the purple matches a favourite felt hat I wear a lot in winter. This is a wonderful pattern: it’s actually very simple, but the result is stunning. I've never done short rows before, but this was dead easy. In fact it’s very obvious where you are and what you’re doing without any counting whatsoever, so this is a great pattern to do anywhere. I like the effect so much I'm going to make it again in a lovely yarn zoefruitcake sent me that has subtle colour graduations with I think will show up better in the garter (which blurred the stripes a bit).

Leftover yarn mitts

I had enough yarn left over from the Boomtown scarf to make these (click on them to see full size):

There was only enough self-striping blue for a complete pair, so I made a rainbow-striped pair from other colours. The stripes are graduated on those as I had more of some colours than others. Then, yesterday when I was wearing a favourite white shirt under a grey jacket, it occurred to me that the leftover grey and white yarn would go well with that, so I calculated I’d have enough for a shortened pair. It works well too because I’d never fit a full-length mitt under my cuffs. I call these my Ashley mitts because they remind my of my little silver tabby cat. :-)

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