Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Film Festival and Freda Stark

The annual international film festival starts here next week, and I've booked 10 films in three weeks. This is up on last year but I've been to as many as 17 in the past. I'm especially looking forward to the three Miyazaki films I haven't yet seen.

In the back of the festival catalogue is an advertisement for Stark's Bar which I've mentioned here before because both the name and logo fascinate me.


You'd swear by both that it was owned by a Farscape fan but it's named, as I suspected, for Freda Stark who was a famous dancer at the Civic Theatre (which the bar is right beside) and a gay icon. I'm not sure what the logo stands for, but for those who are interested in Freda, a fascinating woman with an equally intriguing life, here's a bit about her biography.

Tags: starkness
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