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What makes me happy today

Apparently the happiness meme is back: post something that makes you happy today.

There's a new Indian lunch place in the small food court at the local mall, run by a very nice guy. I saw it yesterday and went back today and had pakoras, and curried chickpeas with rice. Yum! They're going to have samosas soon. I'll certainly be back; I love Indian food.

After that I had a pedicure while sitting in a massage chair. I'm not that crazy about the process, but my feet are all soft and tidy and as pretty as feet can be (which isn't very) with "chocolate moose" (sic) polish. I don't have my hands done as I prefer my fingernails natural with their nice white tips.

Lastly, Ashley, Jasmin, and Claudia all coming to me for cuddles (separately, luckily) and purring with pleasure in my arms. Awwww.

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