Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Marry/shag/cliff meme--the fanfiction version

I like this fanfiction version of the meme, started by sallymn.

1. Comment to this asking to play, and I will give you three characters.
2. Label which - fanfictionally - you would happily marry off (with the whole white picket fence and kids, or the slashy equivalent), write them a great but utterly tragic love affair, and... well, throw off a cliff
3. Provide pictures of the three people, if you want.
4. Post this meme with your answers.

astrogirl2 gave me Avon, Hurley, and Sydney.

Hurley gets the happy marriage, though I'm not sure how long it would last on the Island, but Dharmaville does seem to qualify for a picket sonic fence type of community. OK, he meets a Dharma employee who shares his taste in music and junk food (all otherwise healthy salads being drenched in Dharma ranch dressing with its infinite use-by date) and they get married and a house of their own. For as long as possible anyway.

Sydney, being Tragic Sydney gets the tragic love affair, and it's with Parker because that's never going to turn out well. And anyway, I'm not sure either of them could handle happiness or white picket fences; they thrive on the adrenalin of constant danger and knives in the back, perhaps even each other's if it gets really tragic.

It's tempting to give Avon another tragic love affair (assuming Cally) because you know, third time unlucky, but he gets to go off the cliff. After all, I can write him a teleport bracelet and an amused reaction from Vila as he thuds into the teleport bay floor (assuming momentum is conserved).

I happen to have icons of these guys, so here they are:

linda_joyce gave me John Locke, Captain Carrot and Stephen Franklin

Carrot gets the happy marriage with Angua because he's faithful, loyal, and unconditionally loving, and there's even a limit to putting his job before the personal (see The Fifth Elephant, which is as far as I've read so far BTW). No fences though, but a nice ground-floor apartment in Ankh-Morpork with a wolf-flap and all swing doors on the inside.

Dr Franklin gets the unhappy love affair, being a driven workaholic who would end up not devoting enough time to his partner, who would then expire tragically of Drakh plague in his arms.

Locke, much as I love him, gets to go off the cliff. It's not that bad though because there's sea at the bottom (and the Dharma shark isn't), he still has work to do, and the Island will heal or resurrect him. The story would definitely be hurt/comfort though because poor Locke has been betrayed and thrown from heights too many times.

Pics: Captain Carrot, Stephen Franklin, John Locke
Tags: meme - fannish
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